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You never know what you need until you need it

  1. Find an agent that knows about where you live, where you work, and your goals. Even what you do for fun. That agent will help uncover areas of risks that you may not be aware of and help you plan accordingly.

  2. Find an agent who listens. REALLY listens.

  3. Look for an agent that is a great communicator who can be reached via: text, email or phone. All the ways that might be your method to communicate.

  4. You want an agent who keeps a promise. About the little things. Like calling you back. When they do this, then you know they are to be trusted with the bigger things.

  5. A good agent asks questions. Good questions about you and your life to make sure they understand all aspects.

  6. There is something to be said about the devil is in the details. Is their office neat and tidy? That could indicate they are paying attention to those details about your policy too.

  7. Recommendations. When you ask a friend to recommend an agent, make sure you go a little further and ask them for an example that made their agent a great choice.  See if that aligns with your  wants. You could be a bit pickier... you never know.

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